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Vergence AnalyticsCatalysts For Excellence.  Every company – every process – can be improved – regardless of industry.  Every day, somewhere, someone has developed something new or improved something old.  Inventions, product and process innovations, and discoveries are made everywhere we look.  Successful companies recognize continual improvement and change as part of their ongoing journey to achieve product and process excellence.  Their ability to be their own best critics and greatest advocates creates an internal competitive, not conflicting, environment that is self sustaining.  These companies define themselves and their niche in the world.

In this spirit, we provide a strategic approach to develop an engaged agile team that embraces change and fosters a culture of self-sustaining continual improvement.  Companies with old or outdated technologies have been replaced by companies having new and innovative process and product technologies.

Most companies don’t plan to to fail or give in to the competition, so what is the difference?  Successful companies pursue perfection and deliver excellence – a zero tolerance threshold for waste, inefficiency, and lost opportunities – to drive continual improvement in their processes.  These companies recognize that the systematic execution of their processes is the key to their success.

Process excellence is achieved through a relentless and continual improvement of all processes in your business.  Waste can take many forms and the opportunities or scope should not be limited or restricted to manufacturing operations.  We identify waste by working with your team to perform a detailed value analysis of current business practices and processes.  We eliminate waste as we collaborate with your team to develop and execute corrective actions.  We use key performance indicators to assure improvements are real, achieved, sustained, and yield positive trends.

What is Lean Execution?  Flawless execution to complete the required tasks efficiently and effectively.  Unfortunately, the downfall of most initiatives is the failure to execute.  Lean execution is driven by a culture of trust, accountability, and integrity, void of bureaucracy, and complemented by an engaged team of employees who are truly empowered to improve – IN REAL TIME.

Process Excellence = Perfect Quality.


  • Our vision:  Defining Excellence In Business.
  • Our mission:  Providing our Clients with Innovative Solutions in Real Time for Real Results.

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  1. Thank you for the free OEE templates. The files were very helpful. It is nice to see someone contributing to make a difference.

    Keep up the great work!

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