OEE Books:

We are pleased to offer the following book selections for OEE.  We would also recommend reviewing our Archives to review the many posts we have written on this subject.

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The OEE Primer: Understanding Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Reliability, and Maintainability by D.H. Stamatis (ISBN:  9781439814062)

OEE, Inc., by Jesse W. Brogan (ISBN:  9781932729078)

OEE For Operators: Overall Equipment Effectiveness – Author Unknown – (ISBN:  9781563272219)

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): A Powerful Production / Maintenance Tool For Increas – (ISBN:  9780831131388)

OEE Toolkit: Practical Software for Measuring Overall Equipment Effectiveness (Loose Leaf), by Arno Koch.  Productivity Press, 1st Edition (April 28, 1999) – (ISBN-13:  978-1563272158, ISBN-10:  1563272156).

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