We are just beginning to understand the impact our activities may have on the environment as we consider not only our internal processes, but those of the entire Value Stream.  The social and environmental impacts of our business form an inherent part of our responsibility to serve as corporate citizens to our local and extended communities around the globe.  As an integral part of our Lean culture we recognize the need to:

  1. Eliminate Waste
  2. Reduce or Control Variation
  3. Effectively Manage Resources
  4. Improve Efficiency

As Neighbours …

We also acknowledge that not doing these things has an impact not only to our immediate bottom line, but to the environment and the communities where we live.  Continually improving our manufacturing processes using Lean is one way that we as good corporate citizens can minimize the negative impacts of our industry on the environment.

As Suppliers …

Major corporations also have a social responsibility to provide consumers with products that will not jeopardize the environment through their full life cycle.  It boggles the mind to think of the impact that bottled water has on the environment.  The product is pure, unfortunately the byproduct is killing the environment.

As Consumers …

A clean, clear glass of water from the kitchen tap seems to be a thing of the past.  How much are we wasting transporting water around the world?  How much are we wasting transporting the empty bottles?  How much are we wasting because we didn’t recycle the bottles?   How much does it actually cost to recycle these bottles?  Where is the social responsibility in providing a simple product like bottled water?

As Entrepreneurs …

We continually desire to find new innovative processes and technologies and new products to better serve the communities where we live and the markets we supply.

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