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Direct E-Mail Correspondence

We respect your privacy.  We value your comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, and feedback.  Your communication provides a venue for us to answer your questions or address concerns that may be a matter of interest to you. We recognize that your communication imposes a certain implied trust that you have placed in our firm. We will protect and regard all communication as “Submitted in Confidence” (confidential) unless otherwise requested by you.

We will not disclose, distribute, sell, or share any of your contact information with any third parties or outside interests.  You will not be subject to any direct advertising or marketing campaigns. We wish to encourage open communications with all of our visitors.  You will only be contacted as a direct response to your questions or inquiry or by your request for additional information, subject materials, or documents.

Posting Comments

Although all comments are moderated, be advised that we presume all comments posted to our blog, “Lean Execution – Intelligent Metrics”,  are submitted with the intent for public viewing and response.  We may choose to either approve, edit, delete, or regard as SPAM any and or all comments that are submitted to our site.  If your comment is approved, your information, with the exception of your e-mail address, may become a matter of public interest and public record on our site.  SPAM will be deleted.

If you choose to include links to your web page, we will confirm and verify that the content presented on your site is applicable or relevant to the featured topic or, at a minimum, is suitable for viewing by the general public.  We will not discriminate, however, we reserve the right to discern the content presented and whether we wish to include or exclude content within the legal covenants and agreements, real or implied, of our stakeholders and our firm.

We will not knowingly jeopardize public interest, however, we cannot continually monitor the site content of our visitors subsequent to any comment approval.  In this regard, we assume no liability for damages, real or implied.  Our site is rated “G” for general public viewing for all ages.

Any changes to this policy will become effective only upon publication. Please use the contact form below to send us any questions or concerns you may have in this regard.  Thank you for support, cooperation, and for visiting our site.  We trust you will return many more times in the future.

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Policy updated on 27-May-2010 and originally published on this 3rd day of July, 2009

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