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  1. As I need to improve the Oee in the industry through TPM, so I need your support


  2. I need to improve the OEE in the company but have less knowledge in OEE. can you help me please.

    1. Hi Sathish, we also encourage tracking OEE at the Gemba. While we recommend tracking OEE at each machine, a single whiteboard may also be used to report results for several machines as shown below:

      Date (Shift) Machine A Machine B Machine C

      mm-dd-SH A P Q OEE A P Q OEE A P Q OEE
      mm-dd-SH A P Q OEE A P Q OEE A P Q OEE

      where, A = Availability, P = Performance, Q = Quality, and OEE are expressed as a percentage.

      Alternatively, some companies are simply interested in the final OEE result and accompanying data to support the “Quick” OEE calculation: OEE, Total Ideal Operating Time, and Total Net Available Time (NAT), where OEE = Total Ideal Operating Time / Total Net Available Time.

      Date (Shift) Machine A Machine B


      The formats presented are more meaningful for dedicated processes. Calculating OEE is slightly more complex for machines that are subject to multiple tool changes to produce a variety of parts. In this case, it is more meaningful to calculate OEE by production run or work order.

      We suggest using an existing production report that has been modified to provide the data required to calculate OEE for either of the formats suggested.

      Typically, low OEE performance is primarily attributed to unplanned downtime events and, to a lesser degree, quality events. As such, a means to record these events should be provided on the production report or separate document. Doing so ensures that corrective actions address real concerns that in turn will result in ever improving OEE results.

      Finally, we offer several template formats that are immediately available from the “free downloads” widget (see sidebar) or from our downloads page. These templates can be modified to suit your specific needs and are offered free of charge and without obligation.

      Thank you for your inquiry,


    1. OE typically refers to original equipment. OEE refers to Overall Equipment Effectiveness as used in the context of our post.

      Thank you for your inquiry and for visiting our site.

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