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Research and development take problem solving to whole new level where solutions have yet to be discovered and are often only imagined.  I am impressed by the relentless efforts of research teams that continue to develop and give rise to the emergence of  life saving, innovative technologies.

As our population ages and “baby boomers” enter into their retirement years, the lack of organ donations is quickly becoming a major concern.  Just when I thought the ability to print inanimate 3D objects, I was absolutely amazed by this TED talk that not only discusses, but demonstrates the ability to engineer and print life saving human tissue and organ structures.

If the video is not available above, Click here to view – “Anthony Atala:  Printing a Human Kidney”.

In this video, the problem and it’s solution have spanned the course of decades and continues to be resolved over time.  The persistence of the teams that pursue these solutions is to be admired.  I wonder how often we may have given up too soon – not knowing how close we were to finding that perfect solution.

Today, I’m thankful to those who continue their never-ending attempts to make the impossible possible to continually improve the quality of life for all humanity. presents talks on a wide variety of diverse topics ranging from music, oceans, astronomy, space exploration, technology, medicine, and so much more.  I highly recommend subscribing and trust you will be as impressed as I have been for the years that I have been a member.

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