Chaos in Paradise …

Have you ever wondered why or how so much time can be wasted performing what should have been a simple task?  I recently encountered a situation that could easily have been avoided if the information I received provided a little more detail including tips and traps to avoid. I’m currently writing a database application in Python that will solicit data from an SQL […]

Windows Error Code 0X80072F8F

Upgrading to Windows 10 I decided it was time to upgrade my Samsung Premium Ultrabook from Windows 8 to Windows 10.  From what I understand, the Windows 10 upgrade may not be free forever and upgrading to the new operating system was something I could do while I working on other things. The dead battery suggested that a lot of time had passed since I […]


Implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a lot of work and happens to be where we’ve been spending most of our time and resources over the past few months.  The OEE reporting spreadsheet we planned to release some time ago is complete and we’ve been using it on some of our core production processes.   Some have emailed, […]