The Brave web browser addresses two of the most significant concerns when browsing the web: Security and Privacy. With the Brave browser, you don’t have to compromise when surfing the web. Keep your personal data private and secure. As an added bonus, you can save time and even earn rewards to view privacy-respecting ads.

After watching this video by MaxDapp, I was intrigued to give the Brave web browser a try. The browser displays the number of Ads and Trackers that have been blocked, HTTPS Upgrades, and the estimated time you saved by using the Brave browser.

The Brave browser works on mobile too and, depending on your data plan, it can save you money by blocking unwanted ads and trackers. The Brave browser also claims to be 2 to 8 times faster, saving time for things you’d rather be doing other than waiting. Visit the Brave Browser features page for more details.

Like other browsers – including Chrome, Edge, Tor, and Epic, to name a few – the Brave browser is built on Chromium; a free and open-source web browser initially developed by Google. Watch this video by ThioJoe to understand the differences between Chromium and Google’s Chrome browser.

I use a variety of browsers depending on the machine I’m working on. For quick searches, I usually default to using Edge on Windows machines or Safari on my Apple devices. I frequently use Firefox and Chrome across all of my devices as well.

Developing applications for the web typically requires testing across all of the major browsers. When developing code locally on my machine, I use Google’s Chrome browser or Mozilla’s Firefox browser and now the Brave browser has been added to the list.


After using the Brave browser for just under an hour, I was surprised to learn that 136 Cross-site trackers were blocked. For now, I will continue to use Brave and, instead of sacrificing my privacy and security, hopefully, save a little time and earn some revenue by viewing some ads.

I am not devoted or loyal to merely using one browser. I use the browser that serves my purpose or is most convenient at the time. As I’ve said many times before, “There’s always a better way and more than one solution.” This statement even applies to web browsing.

Visit the Brave Downloads page to get your Brave Browser surf the web with confidence.

Until Next Time – STAY lean!

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