The latest update to version 6.32.24 is not installing in the background and continues to propagate windows that have now become more than annoying. Ironically, this update is intended to fix a bug that sometimes prevented the update from smoothly.

After clicking the “Install now” button, another window appears as follows:

Checking the “Settings” inside the app indicates that NordVPN is updating.

Unfortunately, the installation doesn’t seem to ever finish. After a period of time, the “mess” pictured below appears on the screen. Press the Tab key to highlight the “Remind Me Later” option and again to highlight the Install now button.

Technically the installation should likely have been completed by now, but the Nord VPN settings window states “Update is available”.

The current release is now a nuisance! I sent a message to NordVPN to advise of the concern. They replied and advised that reinstalling the software is the best approach.

The FIX!

Go to the Nord VPN site and login to your account. Download the latest version for your operating system directly from the site and run the installer.

If NordVPN is running, the following window will appear to recommend allowing Setup to automatically close the applications that may prevent files from being updated.

After a short installation, the following window will appear on your screen.

If you choose not to install the free password manager NordPass, you can always download it from your account page where you’ll find other products including NordLocker – File encryption for desktop, and NordVPN Teams – VPN for business.

Click the finish button and the NordVPN will automatically launch. The application is now working as it should be.

6 thoughts on “How to Update to NordVPN 6.32.24

  1. Not sure if you got it to work – I was running into the same issue. Basically it can’t update while it’s running, and I believe there’s a bug that’s preventing the app from shutting itself down correctly in order to update.

    Managed to get around it by starting the update process as normal, and then closing the app manually when I got the notification that the update couldn’t install while the app was running.

    Hope this works for you!

    1. As mentioned, I advised them of the issue. They replied and advised me to download a new copy from their site, uninstall the old version, and install the latest version as downloaded.

  2. you can try it again now. I have got the same problem but just now I can install version 6.32.24 after I press the update button from the desktop app

    1. That didn’t work for me. They replied to my concern and they directed me to download the latest version from their site, uninstall the old version, then install the latest version.

    1. I contacted their support and haven’t had an issue since re-installing the software.

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