Being accountable to society as responsible manufacturers, it only seems natural that lean is green – by design.

We encourage you to visit our Lean Environment page to gain a greater appreciation for how lean can help our environment and the bottom line.  (You can also see our Lean Environment page at the following address: )

Being responsible stewards of our resources is part of being good corporate citizens.  It is unfortunate how much waste is, or can be, generated by our operations.  Of course we would also suggest that OEE could be an indicator of how well we embrace our environmental responsibilities.  Effective use of our resources can only be beneficial to the environment.

As a final note, those manufacturers who are also responsible for the design and packaging of their product or service need to understand their environmental responsibilities as well.  A recent television program focused on the disposal of electronics and the hazards that are created as a result.  We would suggest that the same could be true for other “high level technologies” such as automobiles.

What would the world look like if the creators and distributors of the products they sell were also responsible for the disposal and recycling of these products after they have served their useful life.  Perhaps as consumers, we too need to think about the end of life disposal of the products we buy – before we buy them.  Disposable diapers can’t be environmentally friendly – can they?

Wasted packaging, wasted transportation, wasted energy, all for the sake of anti-theft protection, advertising, and, of course, sales.

Until Next Time – STAY lean!

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