Unplugged – Earth Hour – 2012

The Earth – Unplugged EARTH HOUR is now an annual event that is embraced around the globe.  For at least one hour, we will have the opportunity to “unplug” ourselves from the world to ponder and increase our awareness of how our “activities of daily living” can make a difference to the environment we live in. Measuring Change While the […]

Get Lean for Earth Day! OEE Required.

Being accountable to society as responsible manufacturers, it only seems natural that lean is green – by design. We encourage you to visit our Lean Environment page to gain a greater appreciation for how lean can help our environment and the bottom line.  (You can also see our Lean Environment page at the following address:  http://versalytics.org/lean-environment/ ) Being responsible stewards of […]

LEAN Environment: Waste Management and OEE

In recent years much emphasis has been placed on the state of our environment and LEAN can help our cause.  If we consider just how much energy and resources are consumed due to inefficiency and waste.  OEE is a measure of how effectively time is used as a resource; however, it does not necessarily reflect the waste that is created in […]