How many times have you purchased a product only to find that a better or new and improved version was just released? It happens to all of us, myself included.

Advertisers or salespeople sell you what they think you can afford. I’m not offended by the question, “What’s your budget?”

One of the reasons we may feel betrayed after making our purchase is simple: PRICE. In many cases, advertisers focus on products that appeal to the masses. Stocking out to make room for new products can also trigger “landmark” deals. Of course, this all makes perfect sense.

Thinking you may be getting a deal on the latest and greatest technology can also be misleading. Such was the case a few years ago when I purchased an iPad 3 only to discover the iPad 4 would be released a month later. Once again, the price may also play a role in the products and options they present to you.

I recall purchasing a Dell 35″ curved monitor at a local big box computer store. When asked why this monitor was on sale, the salesperson announced they would no longer carry high-end products like this to make room for products that appeal to the average buyer. I purchased the last remaining monitor in the store – the one still on the shelf with the “sale” tags. This monitor is fantastic and one of the best deals I’ve managed to negotiate – I paid half the sale price as they would no longer carry it, they used it as a floor model for an unknown time frame, and they could not offer me a replacement if it failed.

Knowing what is available requires research before you buy. Whenever you’re ready to head to the checkout, pretend you did and take another look. You may save some buyer regret and appreciate your final decision much more after the fact.

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