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  • Our vision:  To serve as Catalysts for Excellence in the Pursuit Perfection.
  • Our mission:  To provide our Clients with Innovative Solutions in Real Time for Real Results.

As an integral part of your company’s culture, an effective LEAN Strategy fosters an environment for continued success through an intense focus on process excellence and the elimination of waste.

We recognize that achieving excellence is a journey thriving on innovation and the pursuit of perfection.  Our expertise in Lean Strategies and Six Sigma is complemented by over 25 years of shop floor and executive management experience in the automotive industry.

We understand the changing landscape of business and industry, recognizing the need for both radical and incremental continual improvement strategies.

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Vergence Analytics
Catalysts For Excellence

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  1. Use our FREE Files BOX (on the sidebar) to download a free spreadsheet that includes complete documentation and a working example that explains how to effectively calculate OEE including weighted OEE and weighted factors (Availability, Performance, and Quality).

    We also have a free spreadsheet that can be used to collect data and calculate OEE results from various perspectives: Week, Customer, Shift, Part Number and so on.

    These tools will get you started. Please direct an questions or comments to

  2. Your articles are very insightful and the templates are terrific. We now really understand how to calculate and use OEE.

    I’m amazed that you’re providing this level of information free of charge.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be back.

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